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It’s Website Design Update-Time for Your Business

Is now a good time for a website design update? If you have asked yourself this question more than once, the answer is probably yes!

Take a look at the image above created by one of the world’s largest Tech Firms about 10 years ago. Looks like an antique, doesn’t it?

You may think that we are just another pushy website design company that wants everyone to get a new, website design update for their business every few months. This is simply not true. What we do want is for businesses with solid marketing goals, to consider a website design update every three years. Unless, of course, it’s an antique business that wants to intentionally appear outdated and old fashioned.

Don’t get me wrong. I love antiques. I love the whole idea of the historical conservation of beautiful objects, but even an antiques dealer needs to display their items-for-sale in a way that potential buyers can appreciate the fine details.

3 Signs of an Old Website

Does your website still display Flash®?

This Adobe product used to be hugely popular among website designers for animating the homepages of websites. but today, Flash is not supported on many mobile devices. This means that when your website is pulled up on a phone, for example, there may be a big, fat hole right in the middle of the page where the Flash document is supposed to be.

Do your visitors still have to download content?

Do visitors need to view important information about your business in a PDF rather than viewing it on a web page? This makes them go through extra steps to read what should be available at the click of a mouse. No need for a long explanation here. In this age of viruses and hacking, no one wants to download anything they shouldn’t have to.

Is your website built using tables?

We have all been on those websites that display tiny boxes filled with mice type and unreadable content… usually in neon colors with uneven borders. (see the image at the top of this page)

Tables are the once-popular, but old fashioned way, of building websites. They are inefficient, inappropriate for designing mobile-responsive websites. Today’s website platforms, like WordPress, enable designers to display content in a way that pleases the eye of the visitor on whichever device that they use. More importantly, a modern website pleases the eyes of Google, which looks at your content and decides if it’s worth ranking highly… or even to display it at all in their search engine.

So, is it time for a website design update?

While you can be a seller of old things, your website should be a new thing. It has to be mobile-friendly, load quickly, accommodate video, play nicely with social media, and generally go with the flow of today’s fast-paced, web-based world.

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Google, Amazon & Chroma Sites Enter the Home Improvement Market

4 Website Launches Meet the Demand of Growing Trade Businesses

This past year, Chroma Sites launched a new batch of home improvement websites for some very successful home improvement firms. These companies represent a small, but important, segment of the huge residential home improvement industry. We are proud to feature them in our portfolio.

With the likes of Google and Amazon jumping into this lucrative fray, we thought you might like to see some of the features we add to our websites in order to help our own home-service clients grow their businesses. With Google and Amazon making it easier to find these types of businesses, we’re here to ensure that these websites convert customers.

“After months of speculation, Google has entered the home services market, by making it easier for homeowners to find plumbers, locksmiths and handymen without ever leaving the search box.” Geekwire 

Here are just a few of the home improvement websites we launched in 2016.

Let us know how we can help with your trade business in 2017.

1. Stepney Hardware

Home Improvement Websites for Hardware Stores

Stepney Hardware is one of those old-fashioned, service oriented hardware stores that hard to find. Located in Monroe, CT, they draw locals from all over Fairfield County who don’t want to shop at one of those big-box stores.

Stepney’s previous website was 10 years old, and the owner decided to upgrade his online presence for their many lines of products, including high-quality grills, a full line of Benjamin Moore paints, and so much more.

We built Stepney Hardware a brand new, responsive, home improvement website with separate pages for each product category. We also integrated an e-commerce shopping cart connected with their distributor so that customers could also shop online. Now, the store doesn’t have to worry about shipping and credit cards. This feature adds an extra revenue stream and allows them to compete with much larger stores without having to carry inventory. This home improvement business website is clean, yet personable, allowing customers to learn about Stepney in a relaxed and friendly way.

Go visit Stepney Hardware in Monroe, CT. Ask for Dave Otto and tell him we said hi!

2. SunShine Floor Supplies

One of our many Home Improvement Websites for Business

Sunshine Floors is Connecticut’s best source for wood flooring and associated products like stains and tools. They carry a prestigious line of fine wood choices for today’s modern homeowner or commercial space.

Sunshine Floors came to us because they needed a new, responsive, home improvement website to showcase and sell their 1,000+ products. We launched the shopping cart first so that the online business sales could move forward and optimize quickly in the search engine shopping feeds. Then we were able to go back and refine the actual look and feel of the website. Based on the preferences of their most discerning customers who love good home improvement websites, we are told we did a good job

Give Sunshine Floors a call next time you need premium flooring and supplies. Ask for RT and tell him we sent you.

3. R. Piro Electric

Home Improvement Websites

R. Piro Electric, are master electricians, and a website client, who offers electrical services for both businesses and the home improvement markets, at great rates. For the very best in maintenance, installation and upgrades. Piro’s team has an excellent reputation and always gets the job done right the first time. Generator installs, wiring of appliances, electrical panel upgrades and so much more… They do it all!

Rob Piro came to us for help with their first website, and we started from scratch with great enthusiasm. Content, messaging and graphics had to attract a very high-end customer base in Fairfield County, CT. The website had to highlight their good taste in lighting design and installation, as well as the more technical back-end services required to make everything light up reliably. We added a clean gallery of their projects, obvious links to review sites like Home Advisor and a capabilities panel that will grow with them. This website is responsive too, All home improvement websites need to be mobile friendly, of course, because most customers now find service providers, like electricians, on their phones.

Give Rob Piro a call for expert electrical service.

4. Paintcraft LLC

Home Improvement Websites for Business

PaintCraft LLC has in business since 1972, in Danbury, CT, offering painting and decorating services for homes and businesses. Based upon their exceptional and professional service, they plan to be around for a very long time. PaintCraft has also established great and long-lasting relationships with many colleagues in the trade services arena.

Paintcraft came to us for help with their second website in a decade, but we decided to start from scratch with a brand new look and gorgeous project galleries. They had wonderful photos of their past commercial and residential work but no place to showcase them… until now. We added a page for testimonials (obviously important for any painting company) and created unique design elements to differentiate them from all the other painters in the world. Creating a mobile-friendly website was also important because many contractors and homeowners now find home improvement service companies on their mobile devices.

If you need a room or an auditorium painted, give Bill Shea a call.

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2017 Brings Cheer… and a Spectacular Website Design Portfolio

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