10 Ways to Improve Your Website Promotion Strategy

Think About a Visitor Conversion Website visitors don’t mean much if they don’t convert to actionable leads before they leave. Figure out what needs to be accomplished to improve your website promotion and how to make it happen. Revisit this game plan every few months, fine-tuning the approach to maximize results. Blog Post Creation &… Read More

It’s Website Design Update-Time for Your Business

Is now a good time for a website design update? If you have asked yourself this question more than once, the answer is probably yes! Take a look at the image above created by one of the world’s largest Tech Firms about 10 years ago. Looks like an antique, doesn’t it? You may think that… Read More

Google, Amazon & Chroma Sites Enter the Home Improvement Market

4 Website Launches Meet the Demand of Growing Trade Businesses This past year, Chroma Sites launched a new batch of home improvement websites for some very successful home improvement firms. These companies represent a small, but important, segment of the huge residential home improvement industry. We are proud to feature them in our portfolio. With the likes… Read More

2017 Brings Cheer… and a Spectacular Website Design Portfolio

See Our Website Design Portfolio Love From Our Customers “Chroma Sites fit all of our needs…They gave us peace of mind and were a pleasure to deal with.” – Roger Liefer Liefer Properties “The Chroma Sites team did an awesome job spending time to understand our key objectives and worked well with our marketing and… Read More

The Other 5 Second Rule: 10 Website Homepage Essentials

There are two, totally different, 5-second rules. One applies to dropping food on the floor and the other is the most time a visitor will stay on a bad website homepage. We always ask our new website clients this question. “If you only had 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention on your website homepage before they click back, what would you want them… Read More

I Think You’re Under-Complicating This! The DIY Website Dilemma.

Building a DIY website is tempting. But before you embark on this journey, please read my take on this seemingly inexpensive road. For the moment, the internet is a very chic place to hang out. Your social life is at your fingertips and your spending craves are satisfied in seconds. From job searches to social media… Read More