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“Chroma Sites fit all of our needs…They gave us peace of mind and were a pleasure to deal with.”

– Roger Liefer
Liefer Properties

“The Chroma Sites team did an awesome job spending time to understand our key objectives and worked well with our marketing and wholesale gas division staffs to deliver a fantastic final product.”

– Mary Sonatore
Consumers Petroleum

“Chroma Sites immediately understood our vision for a website and didn’t disappear when the project was completed. They are always available when we need to make small changes or have any questions.”

– Lisa Lewis
Cooper Mulch
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Convert, Then Conquer: Start with a Mobile Conversion

Rarely is it more apparent that your website needs a redesign than when Google releases one of their “massive updates”. It happened again two weeks ago and businesses around the country are paying the price. Any website that is not considered “mobile-friendly” by Google, is now being punished by the search engine.

I can’t be completely furious with them… whenever Google does something like this (i.e. change their algorithm), we get super busy. People from all over pour in, desperate to redo their website.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s great for business… but really tough on our schedule.

But all of those redesign requests got us thinking…

People are coming in, not only to get themselves off of Google’s blacklist, but to reorganize and re-strategize their entire web presence.

Normally, we wouldn’t think twice about doing an entire redesign all at once. But, with so many people coming in to get themselves new websites, we just can’t take them all on right now.

So, like I said, it got us thinking… What if we didn’t have to do an entire redesign right now, but could get old websites mobilized before it’s too late?

It seems like a no brainer. We can get the new websites up quickly, with the same content and a similar look. But, it will be mobile responsive, which means it looks good on everyone’s phone and, more importantly, it will pass Google’s mobile-friendly test!

So, we started offering mobile conversions.

Later, after the dust settles, we’ll help you think about any new ideas you might have for your website and how to approach a full redesign.

But right now, you need to go mobile… Convert the website now, conquer the redesign later.

I guess that’s it… If you’re interested in a mobile conversion, give us a shout.

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Are You Ready for #mobilegeddon? Mobile Websites are Now Mandatory!

The latest search engine ranking algorithm from Google is being released today… and it will have a massive impact on millions of websites, for companies both big and small.

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This is a logical next step for Google. About 60% of all web browsing is now done on a mobile phone or tablet, so it makes sense that mobile optimized sites should rank higher than their outdated competition.

According to a Google Blog Post:

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

Some Important Notes on #Mobilegeddon:

1. The ranking changes will only be affected on mobile devices. This means you won’t see any difference when you check your Google rank from your computer.

2. The algorithm will specifically punish websites that are not mobile friendly. This means that if text is too small to read, buttons are too small to be clicked, or if your layouts get really crowded on a smartphone, you are likely to be reprimanded.

3. This will be a massive ranking overhaul, affecting more than just small businesses. In fact, a few days ago, Business Insider put together this fun little list of major brands that are likely to be affected.

4. All this hype makes for some enjoyable drama, but it doesn’t have to be a #mobilegeddon disaster. The truth is, all of these issues can be fixed with a responsive website, even after you lose your rank. If you don’t know what responsive means, you can easily test your website by clicking the button below. If you already know you don’t have one, get yourself a responsive website quote from us in about 5 minutes.

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Our New Marketing Packages: SEO On Steroids

This is big. Chroma Sites’ inbound marketing packages have new personalities… and they are bold.

Our packages are for any type of business and every size budget—but only one level of enthusiasm… HUGE!

How Do Chroma Sites Inbound Marketing Packages Work?

Our packages generate excitement for your business, a prime motivator that will get people to your website fast. Your visitors will already know that your business has what they want, need, or dream about… even before they get there.

Every month, we’ll help you pick a new topic to explore and broadcast to the world. Your ideas, catapulted by us, will have your competition’s head spinning and their customers running to your door.

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