We listen. We think. We build.

A process founded in communication, ideas, and simplicity.

We don’t sell websites. We sell your business.

Understanding and distilling ideas into powerful marketing tools is what makes us different. When you tell us your story, we learn about your business and take it on as our own. We bring this passionate approach to every phase of our process. Understanding your goals, customers, and style will help us create a website that’s both effective and beautiful.

The proof is in the process.

When you hire a website designer, you have to be confident in their ability. Our process builds trust every step of the way.

  1. We do what we say.
  2. We recommend ideas that make sense.
  3. We make this simple for you.

Our ‘Thought’ Process


Form a vision.

Learning about your business is how we come up with great recommendations for your website. In our first meeting, we talk about, and form a vision of, what we need to accomplish. Afterwards, we go off to draft a detailed content outline and move on to phase two.

Your time investment:

  • A 5-minute questionnaire
  • A 1-hour kick-off meeting
  • Tell us what you think about the content outline

Content Development

Organize ideas into writing.

Identifying your ideal customers and what they want is fundamental to a strategic website. In our second meeting, we use our content outline as a guide to interview you about the details of your business. Then, we go off to organize and boil down all of these ideas into writing.

Your time investment:

  • A 2-hour recorded interview


Establish the structure.

Visualizing your website without a design can help us focus on its purpose. We build a live website so you can see all of the copywriting in place. During our content review meeting, we compare notes and collect your feedback on everything completed to date.

Your time investment:

  • Give us some feedback on the copywriting
  • A 1-hour content review meeting


Explore the style.

Finding the right creative direction brings your website to life. All of our websites are clean and modern, but customization is what allows us to portray your design preferences in a unique way. Together, we explore some imagery and other websites to get a feel for what you like. After that, it’s on us to give you what you want. We guarantee you’ll love it.

Your time investment:

  • A few minutes exploring some websites together


Improve it all.

Knowing you can change your mind reduces the stress of the entire process. Once designed, we make your website available on our private server for you to scan, scrutinize, and share as you see fit. During this review phase, you have the chance to make any changes you want before launch.

Your time investment:

  • Spend as much or as little time as you like reviewing the website


Introduce your new vision.

Publicizing your new website to the world can really energize your business. Precise new messaging and a fresh new look can inspire customers and excite employees. We design websites to grow with your business and changes are easy to make. If anyone happens to be nervous about launching, don’t forget, we include one hour of maintenance within 30 days and a one-year guarantee on all of our work.

Your time investment:

  • Tell people about your new website
  • Celebrate!


Expand your reach.

Getting even more value out of your website is the next, natural step. Available only to our website clients, we have a number of ongoing technical services to complement your website and marketing to attract new customers. You get to work with a team who already knows your business and has your trust.

Launching is no reason to say goodbye.

  • Check out our after-launch services.

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