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10 Ways to Improve Your Website Promotion Strategy

Think About a Visitor Conversion

Website visitors don’t mean much if they don’t convert to actionable leads before they leave. Figure out what needs to be accomplished to improve your website promotion and how to make it happen. Revisit this game plan every few months, fine-tuning the approach to maximize results.

Blog Post Writing

Blog Post Creation & Writing

A thoughtful, well-crafted blog post captivates readers and encourages them to share it, browse the rest of your website or subscribe to future posts. If you don’t have the time, energy or finesse to write your own blogs, find a professional who does it for a living.

Blog Post Optimization & SEO

Blog Post Optimization

Whether you choose to write your own content or have a professional write it for you, be sure to fine-tune the message and add some great visuals. Write an irresistible call-to-action and optimize the post for social media and search engines. Then, it’s on to promotion.

Blog Post Syndication on Social Media

Blog Post Syndication on Social Media

A billion+ users means that no other form of marketing has more potential than social media. When publishing a blog, post links and carefully crafted messages to your social media profiles. Syndicate these posts over the course of a few months to maximize exposure.

Website Promotion on Social Media

Website Promotion on Social Media

In addition to your blog posts, be sure to also promote the other content on your website. Determine the most interesting and relevant aspects of your website, posting links to those pages, pictures and unique messages on social media, throughout the month.

Twitter Engagement

Twitter Engagement

Some people see Twitter as weird and confusing. But people who do use it, see it as THE place to get their news, entertainment and education on a daily basis. Follow people, favorite and retweet relevant third-party content to grow your audience to continually expand your exposure.

Sponsored Social Media Management

Sponsored Social Media Management

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow companies of all sizes to expand their reach by sponsoring posts. Optimize your budget, target the right audiences and manage your best performing ads to continually increase the quantity and quality of leads through your website.

Website Optimization & SEO

Full Website Optimization

To take full advantage of the search engines, your entire website needs to be meticulously maintained, by targeting optimal keywords for your business. Update outdated information and continuously improve the SEO titles and tags throughout your website, to increase your organic, search engine visitors.

Keep an eye on keyword SERP tracking, keeping you up-to-date on the overall visibility of your website.

Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

If customers actually stop by your store or office, perhaps the most important form of marketing is local search. Apps like Google Places, Apple Maps and Yelp all collect information from different sources to display the most relevant places to their users. Keeping those sources consistent and up-to-date can be a nightmare to handle on your own. Get a professional to help and get back to what you do best.

Landing Page Development

Landing Page Development

Keeping your website current with new content is as important for your visitors as it is to the search engines. Consistent blogging plays a big part in that, but more is always better. New landing pages, with specific, sales-oriented messages, can focus your visitors, priming them to become actionable leads and customers. Every few months, create a beautiful new landing page, based on the marketing concepts you’ve already developed through the blog.

HTML Email Publication

Email Publication

Email marketing remains a cost-effective way to promote your business. Implement website strategies to grow and nurture your list of customers, prospects and influencers. Design a standout, branded, mobile-responsive email template and blast your latest blogs every month, keeping YOU at the top of everyone’s mind.

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11 Things Every Great Website Design Must Have

Customized Design

A website design strategy should truly be the face of your business.

Unique & Modern Designs

Develop a website design strategy that looks great and perfectly matches your existing brand so that your website will be completely unique and noticeably modern.

Clean & Simple Layouts

It’s a given that everyone prefers a website that’s clean and simple, over one that’s cluttered and complex, but it can be difficult to decide what’s most important to show your visitors.

Decide what are the most important sections of your site and how to promote them the most effectively, leaving the important pages on your site focused and welcoming.

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Mobile Ready

Every mobile visitor expects your website to be easy to read, look great and load quickly.

Responsive Layouts

The latest responsive design techniques will automatically adapt your website to whatever type of device it’s being viewed on. The result is a site the looks fantastic on everything from a phone to an iPad to the biggest desktop monitors.

Crystal Clear Graphics

Most of the new smartphones today have super high-resolution screens that display even the tiniest details of a website. Take full advantage of these screens by using state-of-the-art CSS techniques and high-resolution images.

Intuitive Touch Control

One of the most frustrating things for a mobile visitor is a website that just doesn’t work the way it should. Think about every aspect of our websites from a mobile perspective. Slideshows slide, with the flick of a finger, navigation is compact and easy to use… everything should just work!

Custom Mobile Detailing

Every website we build looks great on every device the day we launch. However, for those that need a more fine-tuned mobile presence, determine what’s most important to smartphone visitors, and how to make that more prominent and/or designed specifically to be viewed on the go.

Thoughtful Usability

Great Design is in the Details.
Thoughtfully Designed Websites

Smooth & Stunning Navigation

Navigation is the most important element of a website. Truly great website navigation is super-quick, simple to use, brilliantly styled, easy to find when it’s needed and out of the way when it’s not… and they need to be all of that on desktop, tablets and phones. It’s a lot to ask, but a fully customizable nav menu should do that and more. Tailor your website’s navigation, to match your brand to meet the needs of your visitors.

Photos & Graphics

Simply stated, a website without great visuals… is a boring website.

Photos and graphics help to convey and improve the message on a website. If you can’t do a professional photo shoot, find a good stock photo house and pick the best ones to make your site truly stand out from the rest.

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7 Professional Secrets to Help Capture New Website Leads

There is no better way to improve your website promotion and capture new leads than to follow what the professionals do for their clients. Here is a step by step guide to

1. Collect the information you need with a customized contact form.

Collect information from visitors with powerful contact forms.
  • Contact forms can go on any page or blog post on your website
  • Add custom fields and ask the questions you want
  • Validate email, phone, address and required fields
  • Receive submissions right in your email
  • Browse leads’ information within your website or export them to a spreadsheet
  • Add form submissions to your favorite CRM or email service automatically
  • Superpower your forms with optional auto-responders, conditional questions and calculators

2. Blogs are a great way to keep in touch with customers, prospects and new visitors.

Post news, events, opinions, promotions with a blog
  • Add relevant new content to improve your SEO
  • Post news, events, opinions, promotions… anything you like
  • Compose and update a blog post just like a page
  • Let your visitors interact and ask questions through comments
  • Encourage users to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn
  • Transfer your existing blog posts, categories and comments

3. Adding pages and making changes to your website is easy and intuitive.

Edit and manage your content easily
  • Edit from anywhere in the world
  • No knowledge of HTML necessary
  • Add unlimited pages
  • Auto-save and revert to old revisions
  • Change and re-order menu items
  • Upload photos and videos right onto your pages
  • Build on WordPress – The world’s most popular CMS

4. Track your website visitors with Google Analytics integration.

Track and learn about your website visitors
  • The most popular website analytics tool on the planet
  • Track media promotions or ads in real-time
  • Find out where your visitors are in the world
  • Learn which pages your customers view the most and like the best
  • Compare blog posts and landing pages to determine which ones convert better
  • Analyze which sites your visitors come from and your best SEO keywords
  • Use your existing Google Analytics account or your own analytics software

5. Keep your website highly visible for Google, Bing and Yahoo! with SEO

Completely SEO ready websites
  • Include meta titles and descriptions on every page and post
  • Continual sitemap generation and automatic search engine submission
  • Search engine friendly URLs and search engine readable layouts
  • Fully customizable, for complete control of every blog post and every page
  • Optional on-site SEO audit and custom configuration available upon launch

6. Build-in Social Media integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest.

Interactive social media integration including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Visitors can follow you without leaving your website
  • Readers can easily Like, Tweet and Share your content to their own friends and followers
  • Opt for branded social media icons that match your website’s design
  • Add your real-time social media stream seamlessly into your website
  • Show visitors which of their friends already follow your business
  • Embed your favorite Facebook Posts and Tweets onto any page
  • More on how to integrate social media…

7. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and designed to look amazing on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Mobile Responsive Design
  • Auto-adjusting layouts adapt to the device each of your visitors is using
  • Mobile optimized formatting for easy reading on any size screen
  • Optionally remove big images and photos for super-fast mobile viewing
  • Learn more about our mobile-friendly websites…

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WordPress is simply the best website content management system out there

Why do we use WordPress?

It’s the foundation for more websites than any other system and it’s made our customers really, really happy.

Simplicity – Easy-to-use writing tools make editing pages, creating blog posts and adding photos a breeze. The content management area is intuitive and easy to navigate. Everything you need is just a click or two away.

Flexibility – Hundreds and thousands of features (most of which you will never see) are built-in, allowing the creation of any kind of site imaginable. From the basics, to blogs to e-commerce, and everything in between.

Optimization – Search engines ask a lot from websites, and WordPress delivers. In fact, the head honcho of webspam over at Google says WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO for you.

Community – As an open-source project, thousands of software developers make WordPress better everyday. From security and bug fixes, to plugin and theme design, an unmatched developer community means you get the most modern, stable and secure website you can get.

Development of WordPress Themes

Every website we build comes with a fully functional mobile version.
Built on Bootstrap

We use responsive design to adapt your website to the screen that it’s being viewed on. There are a number of framework solutions that help do this, but none are more successful, stable or actively developed than Bootstrap.

Originally created by a designer and developer at Twitter, Bootstrap seamlessly scales your website from phones to tablets to desktops, through standard CSS based techniques.

Learn more about Bootstrap

Connected to Social Media

A website without social media, is like a car without wheels.

Social sharing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is what keeps people engaged and coming back for more. What’s more, many people now use social media as their preferred method of communication with the companies and the brands they love.

With each page and blog post you publish, your website will automatically create Like, Tweet and Share buttons, making it easy for your best promoters to help spread the word. For those who want even more social media integration, there are a whole bunch of other social plugins available that will bring your website to life.

Comments are a Discussion About You

Used on sites like CNN, Bloomberg, Politico and Complex, Disqus is the web’s most powerful comment system.
Disqus Comments with social media integration

Encouraging your visitors to comment on and discuss your content, can help you build a community of active readers that come back again and again.

  • Way beyond just comments…
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google or Disqus accounts
  • 100% realtime discussions
  • Beautiful mobile responsive layouts
  • Email notifications to keep people engaged
  • Rich media comments including images and video

Learn more at

Tracked with Google Analytics

Make educated decisions about how to get more visitors, what your readers want to know and how to convert more people into real leads.
Google Analytics Screenshot Example

It’s never been easier to find actionable insights about how your website is performing and how it can be improved. Google Analytics is the world’s most popular website analytics software. It’s simple enough for those who just need the basics and powerful enough for those who want a more comprehensive understanding of their visitor base.

What can you learn with Google Analytics?

  • Track media promotions and watch visitors arrive in realtime
  • Segment your visitors by geography, device type and where they come from
  • Learn how visitors navigate your website, which pages they like the most and where they go from there
  • Determine where and why your visitors leave so you can keep them there in the future
  • Compare landing pages conversion rates to determine which ones work best
  • Configure specific campaigns to find out how your marketing efforts are performing

Learn more about Google Analytics

Hosted on the Cloud…

Speedy websites make for happy customers.
Fast, Quality Website Hosting

We utilize the best, most modern cloud technology in the business to keep hosting as simple and painless as possible.

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Creative website layouts are really more of a science

Chroma Sites offer a unique answer to templates that all look the same, and elite solutions that few can afford.

Chroma Sites is a fast, easy and cost-effective solution, with website customized designs that easily rival the beauty and functionality of our MUCH more expensive competitors. A website is made up of many different elements, and we’ve determined which ones influence visitors the most. Below, we’ve illustrated each major element we think about when designing your website.

The Layout:


Chroma Sites come in a variety of different layouts, each of which can be customized to suit your needs and your brand. Each page within your website has the ability to be displayed full-width, or with an accompanying sidebar.

The Logo & The Header:


When a visitor first lands on your website, their eye will quickly scan your logo to make sure it’s the right place. It’s very important that your business be well represented with a clean, clear and appropriately sized logo so they can be assured you are professional before they move on to your read your offer. Ask about our logo design options if you do not already have a logo.

The Background:


Dramatic visual effect can be achieved through our exciting background options. Chroma Sites offer the ability to use solid colors, tiled backgrounds, and even full-size gradients and photos. We’ll help you find the best background solution to bring your message to the fore.

The Navigation:


Navigation (or nav bar as you’ll hear us call it) is the method by which your visitors around your website and learn about your business offer. It appears on every page and visitors will expect it to work flawlessly, or they will leave, They also expect it to “feel” right when pressed, rolled over and clicked. As such, the navigation needs to be clean, fast and easy-to-use. Chroma Sites can be fitted with a number of elegant menu styles, all which can be customized with millions of color choices.

The Typography & Readability:


One of the most overlooked aspects of a website are the words themselves. Research shows that the most common reason visitors immediately leave (bounce) a website is because they get frustrated trying to read. We, as experienced designers, will strive to provide the proper emphasis to your words by adjusting the fonts, sizes and colors of headlines, subheads, copy, call outs and links.

Chroma Sites creates attractive and engaging websites with great flow. We’re proud to show them off! Check out some already built Chroma Sites in our client website portfolio.